All our Sunday morning programs run from 10:30am till noon and are open to the public.
Our Sunday School for children meets concurrently.


February 2018


Sunday, February 18


Jacob Mueller



"The Way Home: A Transgender Journey"

Jacob Mueller, Director of Administrative Operations in the Department of Medical Education at the UIC College of Medicine, will share with us his personal journey as a male born into a female body, and the transition that helped him find his true self. He will tell us about his lifelong struggle with gender and his work to educate others about gender identity and transgender people.


Sunday, February 25


Melissa Metro and Tea-Buggz Griffin 


"The Art and Soul of Hip Hop"

Melissa Metro and Tea-Buggz Griffin, Hip Hop instructors at Dovetail Dance Studios in Chicago, will present an interactive program and performance about this exciting and energetic dance form. Join us and experience this popular style of dancing that was born on American city streets and grew to captivate people around the world.


March 2018


Sunday, March 4


Jacqueline Schmit, MS, CP, CFm

Certified Prosthetist and Clinic Manager of Hanger Clinic in Chicago

 "Empowering Human Potential with Prosthetics"

Our World of Work series continues with Jacqueline Schmit, Certified Prosthetist and Clinic Manager of Hanger Clinic in Chicago. She will share with us her expertise and experience in helping those with many different physical challenges overcome obstacles to lead productive, independent lives. Join us for a fascinating look at Ms. Schmit's work with these revolutionary healthcare technologies.


Sunday, March 18


Joanna Spathis and Kerri Kennedy


"Wake, Rise, Resist: Inspiring Teen Activism"

Joanna Spathis and Kerri Kennedy are writers, editors, activists, mothers and co-authors of Wake, Rise, Resist: The Progressive Teen's Guide to Fighting Tyrants and A*holes. This dynamic team will share their ideas for empowering teens to find their political voice and place in this time of civic cynicism. Drawing on the values of youth culture, Spathis and Kennedy fervently believe that teens (and everyone, really) can recognize, hone, and apply their talent and energy to the resistance movement.


April 2018


Sunday, April 1


Nicholas Stephanopoulos

 Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School


"Gerrymander: Manipulating the Boundaries of Democracy"

The US Supreme Court will soon decide Gill v. Whitford, its first partisan gerrymandering case in more than a decade. Professor Stephanopoulos is a Whitford attorney and co-author of an article advocating the “efficiency gap”— the quantitative measure of gerrymandering. In his talk, he will present the jurisprudence of partisan gerrymandering, the story of this litigation, and the efficiency gap metric.


Sunday, April 8


Alice Eagly

 Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University


"Few Women in Tech: Is Nature or Nurture at Fault?"

Professor Eagly will discuss scientific debates about the sociocultural and biological causes of psychological differences between men and women. She will reflect on the implications of these differences for the skewed sex ratios in STEM fields, and consider policies to remedy the imbalance.


Sunday, April 15


Anastasia Gensler



"Mindfulness: Learning to Live in the Moment"

Anastasia Gensler, a certified mindfulness instructor and health and wellness practitioner, will introduce our audience to the basic principles of mindful awareness practice and its scientific underpinnings. She will tell us about the positive, life-changing outcomes she has witnessed in herself and others who have learned to put the brakes on in our fast-paced world. She will discuss how mindful awareness practice helps us build the capacity to pay attention to our experience without resisting the moment as it is, ruminating over the past, or being anxious and fearful about the future.








March 10
8:00 pm 




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